The Broken Hedge (1997): Yinka rushes headlong into marriage with Tola simply because she cannot wait anymore for Mister Right. She discovers to her chagrin that Tola has a stormy past, which keeps on intruding into their present family life and threatens to destroy their future. Tola’s diabolic uncle, Agbabiaka, brings a devil incarnate, Layi, into Tola and Yinka’s home. Layi sows discord between the couple and attempts to drive Tola to commit suicide. At the end of the day, nemesis catches up with Layi.   The Broken Hedge is the first Christian film in Nigeria where the woman would be portrayed, not as the sinner, but as the ‘sinned against’. Earlier films had been casting the woman in the roles of seductress, witch, mermaid, etc. the producer of the Broken Hedge, being a woman, has been able, through this film, to raise up a voice in defense of women folk. The heroine, Yinka, is not portrayed as the stereotypical woman with a past, but a woman with a tragic flaw

Born to Live/Abiye: Financial power, spiritual power, and sensual power- these are the ‘triplets’ that Tolu employs to entrap Diran. How does he become free? The journey to freedom starts, strangely, through an automobile accident..


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